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Insert Frame Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Insert Frame Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Effective 03/06/2024

Summary: Insert Frame offers an Affiliate Program through which approved ("Affiliates") can provide marketing services via provided links ("Links") on their social media, directing users to Insert Frame's product pages.

General Overview By signing up, Affiliates agree to be bound by these conditions immediately and acknowledge their understanding of them. Insert Frame reserves the right to update the conditions, notifying Affiliates via email or online.

Rewards and Payments

  • Affiliates can place Links on their social media.

  • If a user clicks a Link and completes a purchase within the designated "Cookie Window", the Affiliate earns a commission.

  • Affiliates receive 30% of the commission from each purchase.

  • Rewards are based on the final sales price after discounts and taxes, with potential modifications by Insert Frame.

  • Payments are made via PayPal, through the rewardful website.

  • Rewards are not given for invalid transactions, automated methods, or violations of these conditions.

  • Affiliates are responsible for paying all taxes on their Rewards.

Affiliate Obligations

  • Affiliates must be over 18 and legally capable.

  • Links must comply with Insert Frame's requirements and advertising rules.

  • Affiliates cannot use Insert Frame's name in domain names or URLs in paid search campaigns.

  • Affiliates' websites must not contain illegal or inappropriate content.

  • Affiliates cannot interfere with user access to Insert Frame's site.

  • No spam or unsolicited emails; Affiliates must ensure recipients have opted in.

  • Affiliates cannot use Insert Frame's brand in email “From” lines.

  • Links cannot be placed on couponing or cashback sites.

  • Affiliates cannot create websites that mimic Insert Frame's site or mislead users about their affiliation with Insert Frame.

  • Visual content must adhere to Insert Frame's brand and not contain illegal or offensive material.

  • No Components in Templates: Currently, you can't include FramerForms or Superfields components in templates.

Liability and Termination

  • Affiliates are responsible for their accounts and any associated activities.

  • Insert Frame's liability is limited to direct damages from gross negligence or intentional misconduct, with a maximum liability equivalent to the accumulated Rewards paid.

  • Either party can terminate the agreement with 15 days' notice.

  • Immediate termination can occur if an Affiliate breaches the conditions or acts illegally.

Intellectual Property and Legal

  • Insert Frame retains all rights to its trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property.

  • Affiliates must indemnify Insert Frame against claims arising from their violation of the conditions or third-party rights.

  • These conditions are governed by Australian law, with disputes resolved in Australian courts.

Contact For questions, Affiliates can contact us at

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD