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How to Turn Your Framer Skills into Cash: A Guide

Mitchell Bernstein (Product Designer & Founder of Studio Yeehaw)

Mitchell Bernstein (Product Designer & Founder of Studio Yeehaw)

Jul 5, 2024

Framer, a revolutionary digital tool, is growing rapidly in popularity and disrupting the industry. This rise may have you considering if there’s an opportunity to profit. The key is understanding Framer's capabilities and using them to meet your needs and goals. Whether you're a designer, developer, or entrepreneur, there are ample opportunities to convert your Framer skills into a profitable venture.

Who’s banking on Framer?

Myself and a bunch of others are betting Framer takes off big time, quietly building under the moonlight. Framer is just getting started, as you can see in the graph above. While it’s not as popular as some of its competitors such as Webflow or Wordpress, this can actually be an opportunity. Lot’s of digital creators, including myself, agree and are trying to do just that.

By the way, I’m Mitchell Bernstein - AI product designer and Framer expert. I love to build things in Framer and see how I can transform ideas into calm businesses. Right now I’m using Framer to build landing pages for my ideas and selling no-code Framer web templates.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do to make money with Framer. Here's a few other innovative creatives and successful businesses that aren't just using Framer as a landing page creator, but are actually generating a significant income from it.

Individual creators

Take Cedric. He’s a legend in the Framer community, publishing web template after template. And all these templates are helping him average thousands of dollars monthly. Let me repeat, his templates are producing reoccurring revenue, every entrepreneur’s dream.

Cedric simply builds a Framer template that can adapt to individual’s personalities and content and publishes them at a given price. It’s that simple!

Another expert in the community FramerU, teaches Framer users how to use Framer based on newly released features and lots of foundational lessons. Imagine an archive on YouTube being viewed for years on how to use Framer. This would eventually compound in viewership and admit his account to receive ad revenue.

Companies and startups

Some companies actually build on top of Framer’s capabilities to offer new combinations of features that some are desperately seeking.

Take Sumatra, an A/B testing platform, which gives users components and overrides to plug into your Framer project, swapping variants and text to test conversion. Originally a data platform, they noticed a signal from their customers seeking this capability and pivoted towards building out many new Framer features. Thus, a business is born!

Another example is Insert Frame, which fills gaps that the Framer team has yet to address. Many of their components and overrides provide excellent experiences that are not natively supported.

Monetizing Framer Skills

So, you're interested in leveraging the potential of the Framer ecosystem? This thriving platform offers a wealth of opportunities for those who know how to use it effectively. Here are a few strategies you could explore to fully take advantage of what Framer has to offer.

Build templates for businesses and individuals

There may be an over-saturated market with these at the moment, but fear not! If you can come up with your own spin, you can certainly make a dent.

Find a niche of businesses or individuals that may need a type of template, and build for that.

For example, a great niche might be to design websites specifically for medical professionals who need to increase traffic for their business. Building templates and marketing them as high conversion sites for healthcare that help businesses register patient visits would be ideal.

Sell components to other Framer users

On the other hand, many features are not yet available in Framer, which is why several developers build custom resources like components and overrides for others to purchase and use in their own websites.

For example, Framer doesn’t yet support WebGL interactions. You could build a component that enables users to add visual flare to their sites with awesome background animations that react to the cursor’s position.

Make a curated, gated community

Many features allow you to take advantage of the CMS capabilities and release curated content to a limited audience of your choice.

Find a topic you’re interested in and build a database of that topic in Notion or Google Sheets. Then configure your Framer site as a gated community so only those who sign up for free or paid can access the content. I suggest or FramerAuth to give you user management controls.

For example, you can use this setup to give people access to content for an educational video course or a list of private health-conscious food recipes. The option's are endless!

Create a platform integration

Framer is currently best for building landing pages and marketing websites, not web apps. You could, as Sumatra and others have, build integrations that let users design websites in Framer but connect to an external platform and manage contents.

For example, I was designing a Framer site once and the customer asked if I could add all these management features to let others accept invitations and sign up for events—like Luma or Eventbrite. A great idea would be for someone to build an events platform that lets people build Framer sites for their own events and manage admissions, event details, and ticket prices—all designed in Framer and stored in a database on my own platform.

Teach how-to use Framer

There’s still a whole world of soon-to-be Framer users waiting for the right moment to jump in. And they need to learn how to use Framer.

This may be your perfect chance to go ham and record a bunch of how-to videos on building things in Framer. There are so many ideas for what you can teach and how you can add your own spin to it.

Increasing your chances

Your goal is not to be perfect, but to cast as wide of a net to catch as much luck as possible. It may be discouraging at first to make money with Framer since so many others also seem to be rushing to the gold. But your not racing them, you’re racing yourself.

Here’s a list of things to remember when trying to make money with Framer:

  1. Be kind and listen to customers and competitors, this community is small so while you can make a positive dent, you can also cause damage to your own reputation if you steal (or unknowingly steal) somebody’s work.

  2. Optimize your sites, make sure to use best web practices to ensure your websites made in Framer work fast and are accessible.

  3. Try your best and experiment—the more ideas you fail at means your getting closer to nailing the perfect profitable idea.

That’s a wrap

I hope you found this article insightful and fun. Remember, there's a world of opportunities to create businesses off of new platforms like Framer. The ones we discussed are just the tip of the iceberg. So, what's your pick going to be? I can't wait to see the creative ideas you come up with!

Feel free to ping me on X/Twitter I'd be thrilled to follow your journey. Also, why not check out some of the exciting projects I'm working on too!

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD

Building the Framerverse 🚀 - an ecosystem of products & education for Framer.

© 2024 Insert Frame Pty LTD


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